About Global Care

Global Option Care Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Carson, California. Our vision and mission is to improve community development, through health education, financial inclusion, and the prevention of violence, discrimination and abuse. While our demographics mainly target youth, as well as women and children, we work hard to see that the impact spreads across the communities we work in, and the progress is sustainable across generations. While we are aware of the different factors that work against advancement in improving health and well-being; eliminating poverty and attaining peaceful communities; and improving educational outcomes, especially for disadvantaged, delinquent and maladjusted children and youth.

Our Vision

Providing access to quality way of life, including nutrition, mentorship, health education and shelter to create healthy families in West Africa & Southern California.

Our Mission

Mobilize and provide health resources for community members unable to afford services and education.
Advocate for policies and programs that will foster the provision of health and educational services in West Africa and California.
Vision: Providing access to quality livelihoods, including nutrition, health, education, shelter to create healthy families in West Africa & Southern California.


Do you want to help in one way or the other? There are millions who in one way or the other do not have access to good and sound healthcare. This is a very important factor in the growth of a society. Together we can create and provide sound health care services, care for the less privileged and vulnerable so that this, can in turn help in the growth and development process of the society.

Saving lives through preventative care